stack of books Oh, a scholar, are you? stack of books

Well, maybe you'll find interesting this collection of texts. Most of them were stolen off erles, bisshoppes, and abbots - but fear not, never from any women or gode yeomen.

Book cover of 'Travelers Along the Way, showing two figures in headscarves in front of a domed building. One holds a bow and arrow.

"A ragtag band of misfits gets swept up in Holy Land politics in Travelers Along the Way by Aminah Mae Safi, a thrilling YA remix of the classic legend of Robin Hood."

Book cover of 'Greenwode', showing the figures of two men and a woman framed by the antlers of a deer skull

"This historical reimagining of Robin Hood sets Robyn the outlaw archer as a queer, chaotic-neutral Druid, Marion as Pagan queen who is sister but not wife, and their consort a Christian - and thusly conflicted - nobleman."

Book cover of 'The Ghosts of Sherwood', depicting a silhouettte of a person with a bow in front of stylized foliage

"Carrie Vaughn's The Ghosts of Sherwood revisits the Robin Hood legend with a story of the famed archer's children."

Book cover of 'Imagining Robin Hood', depicting an illustration of a group of people feasting at a table

"A.J Pollard takes us back to the earliest surviving stories of Robin Hood, the stories, tales and ballads of the fifteenth century and he re-examines the story of this fascinating figure."

Book cover of 'Robin Hood: Outlaw or Greenwood Myth', showing an illustration of a party of green-hooded men kneeling before a king

"How far Robin Hood was based on a historical character and how far he is an archetypal outlaw or a Greenwood myth (who must withdraw from society and commune with nature) is the subject of the Doel's wide-ranging study."

Book cover of 'Robin Hood in Out/Lawed Spaces, with an abstract blue and white background

"Following in the tradition of recent work by cultural geographers and historians of maps, this collection examines the apparently familiar figure of Robin Hood as he can be located within spaces that are geographical, cultural, and temporal."

Journal cover of 'Modern Philology', showing a scribbled page of medieval writing

"Critics have long regarded the fifteenth-century ballad A Gest of Robyn Hode as a distinctly northern text. ... Yet, despite this near consensus, critics have rarely read the ballad in a regional context."

Book cover of 'Robin Hood: A Complete Study of the English Outlaw', showing an image of a group of people feasting

"Everybody has heard of Robin Hood, but very few know about the wealth of materials which record and develop the tradition that sustains the myth. in this book Stephen Knight details and analyses the entire phenomenon of the outlaw, his resistance to authority, and how successive ages have interpreted him."

Medieval illumination of a man with a club looking down at a black wolf, with a dog and horses to the side