a little bird wtih a man's head wearing a helmet and carring a stick

A peacekeeping fellow. We sometimes spy him breaking up fights between crows.

A glowing pink wormlike creature

Keeps getting into Much's boots.

A turtle-like cerreature with a man's face

Spekes but French, so we must abide a goode knyght to translate.

A small white dragon TY plushie

A winged rabbit?

A shimmering purple fish

Halfe the time you can find the pond she lives in, and half of that time you shall see her.

A garishly pink and purple rooster

Won't leave the henhouses alone. Bane of the husbondes of Bernysdale.

A green dragon with brown spines

But your standard dragon.

A white and red monkey-like creature with a flaming tail

Once beat Robyn in a fight with a short staff - though he was the only one armed. Therefore, a nominal prude outlawe. We call him Comly Kynge Edward.

"Yonder I sawe a ryght fayre harte, His coloure is of grene; Seven score of dere upon a herde Be with hym all bydene. Their tyndes are so sharpe, maister, Of sexty, and well mo, That I durst not shote for drede, Lest they wolde me slo."